Kissed by Your winds

  Kissed By Your Winds   Kissed by Your winds are Your spheres of water, sweet Mother, blowing, these winds Thine, to clean all wrong dross of dark Times. Sanctified, Your water and winds, through Your servants, Elementals in action are dancing and singing in chimes… . . . . .

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In the highest of sweetness

  In the Highest of Sweetness   In the highest of sweetness and the loveliest beauty swings that jay in the tree,   while my tree is dancing, in the wonder, rejoicing for this jay be so free!…   For the Freedom for ever is a gift that will never be more precious to be,   for […]

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Just look!

  Just Look!   Just look! How that drop of the dew is vibrating, in this glorious morning of winter, on Earth! One so tiny small sphere, of water, eternal, in the Giant this Cosmos of Spheres, a dwarf!   How highly its vibrance! Great Sun Rays so small bundled! Living Life in a sphere, […]

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That Great Rainbow

  That Great Rainbow   That great Rainbow is a message of Love: Father telling us all “I Love You!” His ArchAngels are riding the Bow, and His Angels in high skies so blue.   Through the Sun the rain water is shining. Chrystallised in the Light and in flow. T’is the Light-language Father is […]

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Sacred Geometry

  Sacred Geometry   “Kunstformen der Natur” (1904), plate 85 (Photo: Wikimedia Commons [Public domain]) . iccanobiF ᴉɔɔɐuoqᴉℲ . . . . . . . . .

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Each tiny Jay in Joy is celebrated

  Each Tiny Jay in Joy is Celebrated!   Don’t you believe, dark is here much longer, on this so sacred planet we all play! The prison locks are broken, smashed are shackles, In Joy we celebrate each tiny jay!   Don’t think, we’re still the slaves we’ve been for ages! The Father stopped! destruction […]

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