Gift of Love


Gift of LOVE

Monday, August 9, 2021, 13:09


Gift of Love is that magic creature!

It’s called butter, by man, in his awe…

Flying butter, that light hue of magic,

lighter yet than all light hue of straw…


It’s not flying to fill tiny stomach.

Leaves all nectar for all hungry bee.

Butter hue in itself, in hue magic,

sweetly blessing our whole world to see…


In its journeys no tree is forgotten.

Every flower is kissed and embraced.

Like no other winged fly, brings its wonder

in the Nature full Motherly breast…


For its flight is a kiss and a smile...

Mighty gift of the Love from on High.

Kiss and smile for each living being…

Till, one day, we all learn how to fly!




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