When pupa pops


When Pupa Pops

February 7, 2022, 12:44


Beware of your pride, in your inertia.

You sleep in death; Is He, Who acts in you!

There is no Sun? Eternal is your stasis!

His Grace alone will wake you to skies blue…


When pupa pops, the butterfly is ready.

The Miracle of waking is still hid.

You have no clue, the Magic of your Beauty,

before He snaps His fingers, splits your lid!


Your chrysalis is your last state in stasis.

The Mystery inside of it is Key.

A worm are you, in fascia silk prepared,

to morph new wings, to wake to life and Be…


Stay true to self. He knocks cocoon to pop!

When your wings open and you soar in Flight,

Creation stuns the Beauty of your being,

born of His Grace and Marvel of His Light!!!…




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