i will keep thanking you


I Will Keep Thanking You

February 8, 2022, 23:55


I will keep thanking You until the end of Times.

Yet, it will never, ever be enough.

Hard are the Times, and if I hadn’t You,

never, oh, never, would I stand that tough.


The tough is You, of course, not I, Your child.

I jump in shock, and rivers come, of tears.

Cruel, the Times, and before I start grasping,

it’s You, Who comfort me and wipe my fears…


Again I cry…So thankful You protect me,

in these unbearable, gruesome days…

For, should I thank you till the end of Ages,

will never be enough, all Ages maze…


How could I tell my Father arms around me?…

How could I tell the sweetness of your Love?…

Oh, what a Wonder of all Wonder’s Wonder,

in Your Divine Embrace sleep like a dove…




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