Be ready!


Be Ready!

Friday, February 4, 2022, 15:55


Be ready, you who thought this wondrous Planet

is yours to murder, kill, destroy and maim!!!

Face now the Sun of God in Blazing Lightning

teach you what God’s is, and what’s yours to claim!


Of yours is nothing! Death and sorrow only,

you sow on Earth, wild trampling Laws Divine!

How then, you want, the Merciful and Gracious,

let Children His, tortured and torn in crime???


Luxury bunkers ready underground?

How safe you feel, in bowels of His Earth?

Alive is she! Her fires turn to ashes

all staying in the way of her Rebirth!


Reborn is Earth! Your tricks end now, forever!

Who ever can withstand His Blaze of Light?

You poor monsters, carriers of destruction,

what God in sanctity sent us to fight!


Be ready! Earth will melt within your bodies!

Above, below, fires devour all!

No mercy grants Galactic Blast of Power,

just as you ravaged our sacred Ball!…


Be ready! There is no escape from Judgement!

Enough kill children, drinking their blood!…

All Earth consumed in fires sent from Heavens,

all oceans mightly drown all dark in flood!




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