Feels Like touching beyond…


Feels Like Touching Beyond…

Friday, February 4, 2022, 01:44pm


Feels like touching beyond

through that powerful veil,

reaching His Glory, all,

and of Liberty hail…


Feels like burning through walls

of incendiary forest,

purify multitudes

of God’s Kin in Great Conquest!


Butterflies burst to Freedom!

Chrysalis drop behind!

Burnt to ashes are Ages

of deceptive, low mind…


The Ascension is climbing

towards Light scintillating,

while minds, transforming,

Realms of Light permeating…


Feels like far beyond touching,

transmutating Light veil,

His Glory of Life reaching,

and His Liberty hail…


For but once man is leaping

into Quantum Dimension,

for the Joy of Creation,

Freedom and Celebration!…




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