There is a scent of roses…


There Is A Scent Of Roses…

February 2, 2022, 02:22


There is a scent of Roses in the air…

What’s that amazing scent that floods the Earth?

From Heights Divine of Paradise high Isle,

who’s sending Roses scent for man’s Rebirth?


The air is crystallized in scent of Roses,

from Island of The Thousand Roses Scent…

Roses embalming souls of all mankind,

to lift all off, in Holy Light Ascent!


So many portals…All mankind flying

in light, magnificent, sweet Roses scent…

Enchanting multitudes of flying souls,

in their final Glorious Ascent.


The mighty symbol of His Love are Roses.

The Love Divine embraced the finest scent,

in thousand times perfumed all Heaven’s Roses,

to celebrate man’s Glorious Ascent!


Oh, let the Roses flood in dew all planet!

Oh, let the music penetrate all scent…

Oh, flood and bathe in happiness all children

of God, to their marvelous Ascent!…


In Light is flooded Universe with petals,

red, yellow, pink, white, purple, lovely scent…

Today, the Earth and man have leaped to Heavens,

to mightly celebrate their Light Ascent!


Don’t cry…God sent His Love in thousand Roses,

to sanctify all pain in Heaven’s scent…

Be all in Joy and Celebrate your Freedom,

accomplished now, in Glorious man Ascent!…




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