If You Hear Me Roar


If You Hear Me Roar

August 24, 2022, 15:11


I shall roar now a roar from all force of my lungs!

I shall grab all your madness in me.

I shall spit it in Fires of the Higher Octaves,

uncreate it, to render us Free!


I shall scream to the Heavens of Highest of High,

from this monstrous misery low!

We are all Sons of God, Sovereign and Divine,

for Salvation, the Truth came to blow!


I shall shout all trumpets and horns to the Skies!

I shall wake up all brothers of Earth!

When it turns on her axis and oceans explode,

know, Mankind is done for Rebirth!


If you hear me roar with a thunderous voice

and shake you to your Freedom in God,

let not dark tread on you! Crush all misery forth,

for I’ll Free you with His Fiery Rod!




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