The Day Of New HOPE

. The Day Of New HOPE November 15, 2022, 22:22 . For when our tears have dried, when we hang in sadness, so low… Indeed, there is one man, we wait for with hope, he’ll save us with a blow! . For our hope is, in truth, long destroyed. These two last millennia, lost… An […]

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The Act Of Grace

. The Act Of Grace November 13, 2022, 23:13 . There is an Act of Grace of The Allmighty. There is an Act of Grace he blessed us with. An Act of Grace far greater than we fathom, or we, mistaken, take it for a myth… . How many children know of it on Earth? […]

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Of Your Truth, Oh, So Thirsty!…

. Of Your Truth, Oh, So Thirsty!… November 12, 2022, 15:55 . Of Your TRUTH, Oh, so thirsty!… Send Your Dragons in Flight!!! Your good Dragons, the real, testify of Your Might!!! . For they stole all Your Concepts. Twist them and turn them bad. Shift them dark, and pretended, they own Creator’s thread! . […]

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So Hard…

. So Hard… November 11, 2022, 22:11 . So hard… Just make room for Your Truth, when Your Truth is the Nourishment all… . So hard… To establish some Truth, on this Truth-void Tiny Dot Ball… . The tears… How they flow day and night, how God’s children suffocate in the Lie… . In tears… […]

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Glorious Liberation

. Glorious Liberation November 11, 2022, 11:11 . The horns have been sounding. The Trumpets have blown. Nobody can take our own. . The Light is of FATHER. The Light of His Kin. His Love reigns Creation Supreme. . If you refuse hear, if you refuse see, Truth is yet all exploding with glee! . […]

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You Are My Victory!

. You Are My Victory! November 10, 2022, 11:10 . And when I thought I’m lost, I first saw You! Magnificent, in sparkling Brilliance… . In loving, Divine arms, You lift me up, and started teaching me the Art of Dance… . The Dance You teach me is an ocean breeze… It is the gliding […]

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. I AM ATON, THY GOD November 7, 2022, 23:07 . The heavy, final curtain of the last Cosmic Cycle is now ready to fall. . I now end of all darkness, by My Will and Desire, on your Little Blue Ball. . All My Prophets I sent you, all My Sons sent, have warned […]


Time’s Up!

. Time’s Up! November 6, 2022, 23:06 . Not, that we expected the Battle be light! The strongest of strongest knew, it will be hard. . Hearts bleeding in sadness, our tears can’t cease… None of ours could fathom such insane disease… . In the Light Realms there isn’t evil, this bitter taste; Yet, on […]

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Is The Time Now?

. Is The Time Now? November 4, 2022, 12:04 . The Time is NOW, Warriors like to say. Is the time NOW? Guess my Father and I know how far is NOW stretching!… . For it was always NOW, for some Aeons and more, quite in spite of all loving and apt ever teaching… . […]

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