Of Your Truth, Oh, So Thirsty!…


Of Your Truth, Oh, So Thirsty!…

November 12, 2022, 15:55


Of Your TRUTH, Oh, so thirsty!…

Send Your Dragons in Flight!!!

Your good Dragons, the real,

testify of Your Might!!!


For they stole all Your Concepts.

Twist them and turn them bad.

Shift them dark, and pretended,

they own Creator’s thread!


Send Your Legions of Angels!

Shake the Hearts in our chest!

Lean toward Earth, and save us!

Pull us all by the crest!


Your Divine Laws they trampled.

Divine Order they smashed!

Our DNA, sacred,

have they broken and crashed!


Cancer, syndromes and sickness

shamelessly spray and pump!

Mother Earth daily poison,

oceans, rivers, waste dump!


Shout from high the roof tops!

Blow all Trumpets! Hit gong!

Do, remember origins,

of our Soul and Song!!!…


Let His TRUTH burst all timpans!

Let tsunami – TRUTH flow!

Let the Sun Flash bombard us,

with His Light, blow by blow!


Of Your TRUTH, Oh, so thirsty!…

Of Your Purity, sweet…

Oh, God ATON! Do save us

from the mountain pit!




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