The Act Of Grace


The Act Of Grace

November 13, 2022, 23:13


There is an Act of Grace of The Allmighty.

There is an Act of Grace he blessed us with.

An Act of Grace far greater than we fathom,

or we, mistaken, take it for a myth…


How many children know of it on Earth?

How many children know how blessed we are?

Through Aeons of deep hardship inhumane,

a Sun exploded in the Deep Space, far…


Behold! This planet leaped in Lighted Realms!

His Hand Divine pulled us in 6th Octave!

Rejoice! For He rewarded our sufferance

in Mighty Act of Grace from High above!


A million Blessings FATHER sends out daily.

A million Miracles performs His Love.

This unique Marvel sent He us, His children,

and took us up, direct to 6th Octave!


An Act of Grace of Infinite proportions…

To heal our wounds, the Aeons long of pain…

His Act of Grace is blessings Warriors Mighty,

His Victors, for our Final Battle gain!…




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