There is a moment of Glory incoming


There Is A Moment Of Glory Incoming

September 30, 2021, 02:22 pm


There is a Moment of Glory incoming…

You’ll be pinching yourself, if alive,

when again you’ll scratch eyes, not believing,

things you’ll see, try to fathom you’ll strive…


That One Moment of great Transformation,

when you’ll soar new Dimensions in flight,

you’ll remember you are God’s Creation,

born of Father’s Magnificent Light!


You’ll try walk, but your wings will be flying.

None of heavy bones, flesh, and no weight!

Overwhelmed, in full Joy, all your brothers

towards Sun, Cosmic Dance will fly straight!


You’ll see this mighty gift from your Father.

This One Moment of Non-Time is His.

Is His Glory you’ll be celebrating.

Cosmic Freedom, Eternal Release…




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