Let Avalanche of truth


Let Avalanche Of Truth

September 30, 2021, 11:22


Let Avalanche of Truth reverse in power!

Let Avalanche of Truth bring New Rebirth!

Let Avalanche of Truth, in might, resound,

forever shatter lie from sacred Earth!


Not yet can man on Gaia treasure Freedom…

A slave, a ‘chattle’, all his life, was he!

His tortured blood — an elixir for monsters,

till Truth, today, is saving him to Be!


Oh, call Divine Spirit of Truth tsunami!…

Oh, call the Avalanche of Truth to roll!…

Open the gates, and flood away all monsters,

from wondrous Mother Earth, Tiny Dot Ball…


Infinity of lives this war was taking…

How maimed and tortured, murdered heroes are!…

Let Avalanche of Truth revive God’s children,

Let’s Celebrate Truth Victory with all stars!…




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