That Butterfly


That Butterfly


That butterfly, that flew

to greet me in the morn,

it melted me, in wonder,

like before being born…


In mesmerizing charming

of such an off-world dance,

again it keeps me smiling

and dreaming like in trance…


The fascinating movements,

so light, invite me see,

there are no laws he’s slave of.

That butterfly is free!


He obeys no direction.

Trajectory, can’t see!

Sweet, fascinating being,

a master is he, free!…


How wondrous, to discover,

in mesmerizing glee,

so small, a tiny being

in Your Laws swimming free…


I wish I’d smash, in power,

my shackles, and then see

to dance like butterfly

in Father’s world of Free!…


butterfly, flickr



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