The Ugliness


The Ugliness

Sunday, May 30, 2021, 12:33


So ugly Times! So ugly Times!

If you come straight from Heavens,

you need tough skin, you need thick fur,

survive the ugly givens.


You thought it’s fine, when you looked down;

you’ll slash your Sword with power!

But landed you in sticky morass,

then try to climb the tower…


He trusted you, the ripe and wise

and tried through many ages.

But He, Himself, Christ Jesus went

on cross with iron nails…


The ugliness! The ugliness!

A life, to cry in cages!

For life so sweet, but monsters long

sucked Life Force through the ages!…


Oh!…Hold me tight, oh!…Wipe my tears,

catch me on Father’s chest!

Before the ugliness sucks all

Life Force from us, Your best!




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