They all sing a message

They All Sing A Message


They all sing a message,

the trees and magpies,

and the breeze, and the sunset,

and all flowers and skies…


The music of spheres

is the message they sing,

and they all sing of Love,

of God’s Love and of spring…


Open eyes, see the message.

Be attentive to hear.

There are cycles, and changes,

seasons over the year…


When the jay dives around,

sit yourself in the grass,

there are singers, and whispers,

harps and whistlers and brass…


Wake your ears to hear.

Call your Knowing all back.

In the eons enslavement

we lost feel, we lost track.


For the message is Father!

In each flower and jay,

plentiful, all abundant

sing His Love, sing all day…








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