Wake up now!


Wake Up Now!


Wake up now, my slave brothers,

the long night is now done!

Put an end to all weakness,

Liberation has come!


Wake up now and start breathing!

New Life-force all around!

A New Life is now birthing

in the Love all abound!


Wipe your eyes, crying’s over!

A New Era of Joy

bursts all Earth and all Heavens,

nullifies all bad ploy!


Try to grasp our Freedom!

No more chattel or sheep!

Break away from the shackles,

our New Freedom to keep!


Nothing of this proportions

ever took place in sky!

Open wings, take our children, 

take our planet, and Fly!!!


A great miracle happens!

Marvel known to none!

Universe sings of Freedom,

of enslavement now gone!


Wake up now, my slave brothers!

Mighty heroes of awe!

Mighty Victors of Freedom!

All the Heavens now glow!








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