Deep down in all our hearts


Deep Down In All Our Hearts


Deep down in all our Hearts

we should now, know,

the Sword of God has hit

dark, with a blow!


Remember who you are,

you, Godly Child!

It is He, Who has saved us

from darkness wild!


It is He, Who has touched  

our Hearts, to See!

It Is He, Who has rendered

all His Kin, Free!


Leaning was He, to hold

our hands, as One!

United, only, have We

dark conquered! Done!


Deep down in our Hearts

He touched, in Grace!

Alive in us, His Love

and Light to trace!


Rejoice all now! His Light

saved from dark dream!

In all our Hearts, His Love

does reign, Supreme!


Humpback mother and her newborn arrive🐳🐬




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