You Didn’t Notice, Brother


You Didn’t Notice, Brother

October 19, 2022, 22:44


I’ll tell a little story.

Please watch with open heart:

Father has saved Mankind

in 6th Octave to start.


Pay mighty, great attention:

He saved the whole Earth!

He saved Earth and Mankind,

and gave us all New Birth!


You’ll need a thousand years,

to fathom what He’s done…

This Marvel…You’ll still wonder,

through times, again, you’ll stun…


I’ll use an Earth expression…

But are no words for it!

The meaning covers Aeons

of fullness, never split…


There was a morbid sufferance,

nobody could conceive…

Many came…No one managed…

Many…Adams and Eve…


The dark kept boot on humans,

the children of Most High…

No end terror and screaming,

unfathomable cry…


Two times she tried, in Aeons,

Earth-Shan, to graduate,

while the dark have managed,

knock her in morbid fate…


This was her last chance: Years

206 millions…

To conquer gruesome monsters,

huge numbers, hordes, in tons…


When Master Christos landed

with his Sananda’s Flock…

The Aeons stopped. And Faith was,

what stopped the monsters Clock!


Rejoice now! For the Father

sent us to 6th Octave

of Brilliance and sparkling

Light, Truth and Pure Love!…


And notice now, this Father’s

Great Miracle!!! And know:

It was His Marvel, jumping

6th Quantum with a blow!!!




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