Congratulations, Mother!


Congratulations, Mother!

October 17, 2022, 00:17 pm


Congratulations, Mother,

sweet, old Mother Earth!

Victor are you, with FREEDOM,

and our all Rebirth!!!


Mightiest Gift from FATHER,

bestowed on us, and you:

We jumped in 6th Dimension,

in plenitude, all through!


Your Love-Song fills all Heavens…

Our Joy bursts with Love!…

For FATHER lifted higher,

us all, with two Octaves!


Unprecedented Glory!

For Aeons pain and fight,

rewarded are, by FATHER,

with Glorious, Mighty Light!


Thy Song of Liberation,

fresh, young, sweet Mother Earth,

is now the Cosmos Glory,

of ours, your Rebirth!




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