You, Too, Feel The Works Of The Cosmos?


You, Too, Feel The Works Of The Cosmos?

October 17, 2022, 22:17


Oh, what a heavy burden, to feel all Cosmos work!…

We, all, have been, for Aeons, live active.

We all built wheels gigantic, to lift this great world,

in Cosmic Dimensions to live!…


We needed grow in Soul. Needed to dive in Love.

Remember why we came, how to fight.

We needed reach the heights of an illumined Thought,

unite in Light Eternal, one Light!


Earth fought for Graduation, two Cycles.

Defeated was she, knocked by the raptors!

Two hundred six of millions, full years,

were given her new chance, by Creators.


You, too, feel now, the Works of the Cosmos?

Gone are the Aeons, we reached the last moment.

Uncreated are they, the usurpers,

liberated are we from all torment!…


In days, Father’s Plan is accomplished!

In days, Truth shall conquer all Worlds!

Gigantic, the wheels turn the Cosmos,

to strike Universal Heart Chords!…




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