I Thank My Father For His Gifts To Us


I Thank My Father For His Gifts To Us

October 19, 2022, 23:55


I’ll lift my arms to give You a BIG hug.

I’ll do it in the name of brothers all.

To wipe forever tears and all pain,

from this most wondrous Earth, Tiny Dot Ball…


The words for this were not invented yet.

I cry and cry… In Joy imbued my heart…

The magnitude of being Free, to grasp,..

The Quantum Leap in Lighted Realms to start…


I’d like to shout, trumpets thousand blow!…

To shock and shatter, shake my brothers all…

For them to fathom, what no one could do,

Salvation, fulfilled, on Tiny Dot Ball…


I thank my Father for His Gifts to us.

But words, for such, mankind needs inventing…

So I’ll give Father a BIG hug for all,

and emerald tablets I shall start creating…




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