God Is But Love And All Of Love Is His


God Is But Love, And All Of Love Is His

October 20, 2022, 00:44


In all, He has done nothing else but Love.

Propelled all Earth and man in 6th Octave.

In Violet Fires melted He all dark,

by Holy Will, and Power of His Love!


The Universe created with His Joy.

All that you are, and I, is Pure Love.

To know Him, and enjoy our new life,

took us closer to Him, in 6th Octave.


It was a great reward, of Godly stature.

Our suffering He melted with His Love.

Were meant to reach the 5th Dimension only…

He took us higher, in His Light above.


God is but Love, and all of Love is His.

Salvation Plan He fulfilled with His Love!

As Universal Humans, we start now,

in Joy, all New Reborn, in 6th Octave!…




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