Oh, Father Wondrous, Help Us Now!


Oh, Father Wondrous, Help Us Now!

October 22, 2022, 22:22


How we became so lost,

so weak and timid!…

Like shadows move through life

without aim!


Forgotten, we,

the Lighted Sons of Father,

claim our Right to Be,

our Light to claim!


There are some news,

we will be liberated…

We carry our chains

and don’t believe…


Controlled, confused,

discouraged, lost, suicidal,

no more we’re able

good news to receive…


Oh, Father Wondrous!

Help us now, Your children!

Release Your Grace and Mercy

to us, lost!


Too long, through Aeons,

darkest yoke we carried,

Your Sword of Light…

While hardest hit the most!


Oh, Father Wondrous!

Our end is here.

Release Your Divine Justice,

Life to give,


For Mother Earth is done,

lost, as Your children,

and You alone can save us

all to live!…




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