Ultimum Moriens


Ultimum Moriens

The Last That Dies

October 29, 2022, 21:21


The Light that you are

is the Light of all Being.

No one can create it, but He.


Is the Substance to all

Light and Love, Truth and Joy…

The One only Essence to Be.


Where the four chambers heart

bring all Life to your body,

there is, Ultimum Moriens seed


Of a mustard, the Marvel,

Father touched you, all smiling,

calling your Light ignite in all speed!


See no one as a body.

Human body is dust.

See the Light hid in your brother’s heart…


For there is no beginning,

and, in Aeons, no end,

SOURCE ignition would not ever start!…


You, with your pompous ego,

open your eyes this night:

All your brothers are Masters of Might.


They came here to help

conquer darkness, and fight,

to remember our hearts are of Light!!!




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