For We Are Dead, By Now


For We Are Dead, By Now

October 12, 2022, 12:12


For we are dead, by now,

but we all see it not!

We are all just a number

and dot.


Mass collective, on farm,

eating from the same trough,

pesticides, GMO food

for cough.


Our minds have been stolen

in a vaccine and jab.

We were changed into Borgs

in a lab.


Blind and deaf, we can’t see:

To our slaughter we go,

innocent lambs, all so brave,

in a row.


Shake you, open your eyes!!!…

This one moment, at last!

Recognize monstrous LIE,

with a blast!


And acknowledge the TRUTH,

in this Final a Fight,

fought for Aeons!… Come back

to His Light!




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