October 11, 2022, 2:22 pm


Handicapped we all are! You can’t hear my call!!!

Our Thinking is cut off, and stopped!

Look how we talk and talk, but we can’t reach an end!

Can you see we are stuck up front wall?


Yes, of course, is well hidden, they hide all from us!

Don’t we bubble and brumble all day?

They have all their fun, for we huff and we puff,

but our minds they shut all the way!…


Yes, I know, you refuse to believe me, my bro,

so, in your brain I’ll punch little hole,

to undo our trance, burn hypnosis to ash,

and one day SEE the Truth plain and whole!


They are masters to switch us to robots, by now…

Didn’t they jab us all into Borg?

It’s called technology, not for Good, but for bad,

chattle they call us, all sheeple and pork!


If we all went to slaughter by our free will,

if they murdered, still millions die,

can you finally see, our mind pulled by strings,

handicapped at that wall, sit and cry???


This I tell you today: we are blocked in the LIE.

Please, wake up, my loved brother, and fight!

This long script is for you, to Remember the TRUTH,

and to Save all Mankind to Light!




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