Wake Up Now!


Wake Up Now!

October 11, 2022, 1:11 pm


Wake up now! Remember!

We came with a Mission:

Restore Divine TRUTH to all Nation!


Too long have we slept!

Hear me, get up now!

Before darkness destroys all Creation!


Wake up! Do it now!

All my fathers in God,

all the mothers, and brothers, and sisters!


Put a STOP! Grab your Sword!

Slash and smash, in full force,

insane killing and rituals sinister!


All my brothers! Remember!

We are all Sons of God!

To death wobbles this Planet of Earth!


It is that’s why we came,

with this Sacred an Aim:

to Save Earth and Ignite New Rebirth!


There’s a Voice, calls for Greatness,

of our Mission Divine,

to Restore our Planet and Nation!


Wake up urgent! Remember!

This is why we all came:

Save Mankind and All of Creation!




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