None Will Be As It Was


None Will Be As It Was

October 3rd, 2022, 13:55


None will be as it was, from today on.

None and nothing will now be the same.

Say good-bye to Old Earth and all tears:

A New Earth and New Man you may claim.


Over Aeons you fought all your battles.

Now your last battle, final, you won.

Through the Aeons your deeds you’ll remember,

all the wounds, sacrifices you’ve done…


Mother Earth shakes today off all darkness.

In dramatic earthquakes shuts the door.

All the oceans will roar, and volcanoes

fiery blasts will announce Aeon d’Or!


Like a feather your soul will be cleared.

Like a feather your clean heart will fly!

Crystalline will transmute pure Mother,

crystalline man reborn to New Sky!




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