Wonder If Father Groks


Wonder If Father Groks

October 12, 2022, 21:12


Wonder if Father groks,

for it is IMPOSSIBLE,


to conceive of this evil!


In the vastness of Cosmos

there is nothing but LOVE,

Pure Joy is all pouring

in cascades, from above…


Truth is radiant shining

hearts translucent with Light,

for the Balance is reigning,

and no need for a fight…


In that Heavenly Music

is the Father at Home,

on His Paradise Island

with no limits, nor dome…


All the butterflies kiss Him,

in great passion birds sing,

touch His seam stretch all flowers,

when He flies with the wind…


Millions Constellations

dance in Harmony, all,

in high Love and High Honour

to His very first call…


And on Earth? Monster vipers

poison children with jabs

they concocted in madness,

in their hidden dark labs.


And now tell me: How, ever,


will be able to grok this

Life Extinct, from above?




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