No! It’s Not That Important!


NO! It’s Not That Important!

August 12, 2022, 15:55


NO! it’s not that important to work “by the book”,

for you play with the Masters Deceiver!

In our hearts we have souls, in our chests we have hearts,

that vibrate and in Love tune and quiver…


You are all educated in the High Schools of God,

to be honourable, honest and straight!

But you handle with traitors, who betray and who lynch,

and destroyed God’s structure of Faith!


NO, you don’t need respect, blindly “work by the book”,

with hid enemy in dark morass all crawls…

You just waste our time, and delay Mother’s leap,

long fought for Liberation of Worlds!


They know God is but LOVE, and is waiting for them

to surrender in His Arms Divine!

But they want not surrender, and for ages refused…

They love drink baby blood, kill and crime!…


They have crucified God, and have nailed Him on cross,

and you still want for them to repent?

Oh!… They ridicule us, and they laugh at God’s Love,

and they mock His Divine Masters sent!…


Wait no long, for they happy decimate our children,

all aggressive inject us to die…

While you miss Momentum, they profit and advance,

poison bodies and kill us by lie!…


Better learn their methods, otherwise we are lost!

They have thwarted our Gaia leap twice!

They don’t care your book! They think with monster minds,

and they honour no God and no Laws!


How you then hope in vain, humane methods to use,

in such unequal, monstrous fight,

when in front you face monsters, who deceived us for ages,

killed, enslaved, murdered in the dark of night?…


Oh!…They squeeze our babes of the adrenochrome,

and mcdonald’s is cooking their limbs,

and you play “by the book”, when the burgers are full

of our children and babes “spare ribs”…


Their logic is different, wear culotte à l’inverse,

in delirium they destroy Universe!!!

They have lost Love to hatred, raison d’étre is death,

they drink blood, murder God’s Kin and curse!!!…


ATON, God of Creation, glorious Son of Light,

on the cross you have died by their hand…

Call Germain, call Morya, Rainbow Warriors all,

STOP! the misery in which we all stand!


They hijacked our minds, our young turned insane

with vaccines, MKUltra control!

Tavistoc stole their feelings, 440 Hz rage,

violent tunes for our kids rock and roll…


Shout Worlds, scream all Clusters, Constellations alive,

blow your horns, do reverberate air!…

God’s Kin can no more take it! ATON, you God of Mercy,

see our tears and cries of despair!…


Call Sananda, the Gentle, and His Flock warriors,

Nebadonia, Mother of Earth!

Save God’s children today! Call His Name in full force!

Manifest man’s and Earth’s Rebirth!


August 12, 2022 magnificent Solar Flare



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