For He Is Here Just To Save His Kin


For He Is Here Just To Save His Kin

August 13, 2022, 15:55


A Blessing is this world. A Marvel mighty!

In all these Aeons bumbling in the dark…

For lost we felt, and desperate, and dying,

on this prison of Earth, we all embarked…


They took it far… We came to save the ruins…

When Father called, we hurried to respond.

Shaken was Universe, with all God’s Masters,

determined came, to save our brothers bond!


Aeons of fight…Of battles, wars and struggles…

Aeons of suffering, in this tortured world…

High was the price! Long Aeons lives we paid,

on fronts, in trenches learning courage, bold…


We see this world and think is all so real…

But real first’s the Lighted Realms we go!

Shaken and shocked will tremble Earth and beings,

when TRUTH explodes in thunderous, lightning blow!


Grand Ego’s armours false, are all dissolving.

Restored to Truth, false bindings are erased.

The children minds, all abused and tortured,

fly free from monstrous schemes of mazed and crazed…


Pleiades is where Solar System pulses.

Reintegration of original fields.

The astral planes flow scent of flowers over,

the Sirians Stellar Portals Freedom yields…


The Continents Ley-Lines illuminated.

False dramas and obsessions, all decrease.

Magnetic Love, full force, removes all evil,

Magnetic Poles, full force, adjust with ease…


And so, disharmonies are all contained.

Solar Divines reintegrate in Love.

Universally Christs align in cheers,

for God’s most wondrous Wedding high above!


Watch His bright Sun inputs of mighty power!

The Lord and Master invites all come in!

Peasant and pauper, Glorious Day is ours,

for He is here just to save His Kin!



August 15, 2022, triple magnificent Solar Flares





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