That Unique Day In God’s Eternity


That Unique Day In God’s Eternity

August 8, 2022, 11:11


When infants die, and Mother Earth is ravaged

by fires and by plagues and quakes and floods,

when monsters, agonizing, keep on struggling,

enslave and murder all that’s Father’s bloods…


When even minds are cloned and killed and poisoned,

and, desperately, children jabbed to die,

when thugs and traitors, scourge of mad usurpers

kill even soil, water, air up the sky…


When our American poor brothers lost their mind,

and tribes of Earth lost their mind as well,

when insane rulers chase around their tail,

in madness, damning all mankind to hell…


Oh!…Let Earth Mother shake all worlds, in power!…

Oh!… Let her oceans wipe all life on Earth!…

Let continents of misery and sufferance,

volcanoes all explode, for New Rebirth!…


Open that Lion’s Gate, you Mighty Lions,

you Sons of God, the FREEDOMsRAY ignite!

Close now the Cosmic Cycles! All accomplished

is Father’s Warriors Heroic Fight!


Shut once forever reign of dark empire!

Restore to Truth Creation God’s Divine!

Do uncreate in Violet Flame Fires

all dark, and let’s Begin in Light to Shine!




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