Look At You!


Look At You!

Friday, June 24, 2022, 11:11


Have a look at yourself, and then tell me:

Are you that, who you wanted to be?

Are you that one, who determined came here

to free Earth, and your brothers to free?


Of His Warriors, you are strongest of strongest.

Took an oath to descending to Earth.

Took an oath, of forever, in Ages,

free this Planet and bring New Rebirth!.


You forgot, in this dense of Dimensions.

Wake up now, for the moment has come:

In all dignity, I call you to remember,

Do Not Give Up, till Mission not done!


Through your life, you all do all your best,

with the purest of mind and heart.

You can even distinguish, the children

of Him, in this Light, from the start.


What? You mean, there are raptors around,

sucking blood of men children, and kill?

Using yoke, knocking shackles, to master,

and exploit hard work under drill?


So, besides of all Star Seeds and Angels,

and strong Warriors slashing their Swords of Light,

are some fallen from Light, who betrayed,

Life Eternal, they left and now fight?


Look at you! You’re the Saviour of Mankind.

Final Battle of Aeons is finished.

Greatest Victory sound the trumpets,

of the Cosmic Great Mission accomplished!




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