Dunno Why I’m Crying…


Dunno Why I’m Crying…

Friday, June 24, 2022, 14:55


So thin is the air, so gentle that rain,

and I’m crying and crying in pain…

Do not know why I’m crying, and dunno why feel pain,

in this quiet and so gentle rain…


There have been so huge Battles, many so cruel wars,

our fathers and brothers have died…

Every grain in the field grows from a fallen heart,

and of mothers and sisters who cried…


There were tragedies cruel, and pandemics imposed

on all innocent living of Earth…

Why my crying so bitter, why my tears so long,

for brothers, many murdered from birth?…


There were slaves on plantages, robbed of rights, robbed of name,

put in muzzles and called working cattle!…

Stuck in chains, thrown in prisons, in shackles and yoke,

when they dared unite for the Battle…


Why my heart trembles so, of the Aeons long gone,

why I’m crying, with so bitter tears?

For men tortured in pain, children tortured for blood,

lost at sea, drowned in monstrous fears…


For all suffering is gone, and the Cycles have closed!

God remembered His Children of Earth!

His Light Warriors saved us, uncreated the dark,

and He Blessed us in Joy’s New Rebirth!




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