The Freedom Flight


The FREEDOM Flight

June 22, 2022, 22:22


You, too, whirl in hurling, at warp-speed through Space?

You, too, pirouette through the Stars?

You, too, pass in flight Constellations of Grace,

with no buses, no trains and no cars?…


You feel, too, waves of Light, lifting you in the skies,

holding you in high speed of delight?

Are you dizzy and lost, through dynamic blue ports,

like an eagle’s magnificent flight?


Guilt is gone. Hate is gone. Humans washed in new Oceans

of Healing and Marvels Divine!

Gone is dark, and dissolved!… A New Sun leads the way,

in New Life for all yours and all mine!…


Oh, the FREEDOM! Shout loud! Feel your lungs with the feel

to be FREE! Burst in Joy! In Love blast!

Holy moment of FREEDOM we reached all today,

rightful place in the Stars reached at last!


A New Prana we feed. Enjoy Truth in big gulps!

Guilt is gone, and controllers lost fight!

In magnificent Joy, we all healed, we all blessed,

Celebrate Crystalline Realms of Light!


What a view, to see brothers and sisters, all dance,

navigating the Portals of Light!

In the Music of Spheres, coloured Rainbows alive,

Gloriously in Victory Might!


For all Cosmos is whirling and turning in Joy

Constellations in highest Octave!

For all Hearts beat now FREE with the Pulse of the SOURCE!

All Creation is glowing in Love!…




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