Creator Aton: Message to the World


I am the Creator of this Nebadon Universe of which Earth Shan is a part. She shall not be destroyed, nor her people genocided!




DECEMBER 18, 2021


Greetings to all souls on Planet Earth Shan!

This is Creator God Aton of Light speaking to you today.  I have come by request of the Lightworkers, to give you a message of Hope, Peace and Joy.

Many of you are weary and tired of the struggle to bring Light in the Darkness that has prevailed upon Planet Earth. You might feel that all the work you have done has been in vain, as you see the evil still in power around you, and the horrible happenings upon your orb.  Although the Satanian Empire has been uncreated, his minions still carry on his work.  That is coming to an END!

I am here to tell you that all you have done for this planet and her people has not been in vain.  All your prayers and the Great Petitions I have given to place on this site, have been recorded in the great Akashic Records, and have been answered.  Because of your prayers and concerns to Creator, we have millions of Starships around your planet. You can see us by our brilliant flashing lights in the night sky, and by our “cloud ships” by day. We have come when you have asked. We are here to help.

We, the Hosts of Heaven are in charge, dear Lightworkers, and we have not left you. Many on Earth and on the Astral Plane have risen in frequencies along with your planet, and you have left the minions of the Dark Brotherhood stumbling in their low evil frequencies. Their fear mongering cannot damage you, if you but know that you are totally protected by the Light.

I AM the Creator of this Nebadon Universe, of which Earth Shan is a part. She shall not be destroyed, nor her people genocided! There shall be no Global World War III to bring harm to anyone, and especially Mother Earth. She is moving into her birthing. Yes, there shall be earth changes, and there ARE earth changes now, and they shall continue until Mother Earth is in her higher dimension.

What is there to fear? We are helping to get all of you to awaken to the LIGHT, even in these last few days before Earth graduates. Just know, either way, the Light has won. You need no Earthly monetary wealth, nor materialistic gain, but the wealth of Truth and Light within your Great God Spirit within.  That is the great wealth you hold within you!  

I would never leave you alone to suffer and perish in the great cataclysm coming when Earth graduates, but offer safety for all of you, if you choose to step into the beam of Light to be lifted off to  safety.  That is your choice.

Be joyful! Be in peace! God’s Plan is coming to fruition! Know it!




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