This Sacred Day of Our Liberation


This Sacred Day Of Our Liberation

December 27, 2021, 13:44


You maybe thought you have the right to do it.

Wrong! We are all created by His Hand!

Yourself He brought to life with all His Wonders,

and all His Cosmos, Planet, Moon and land.


No room in all His Worlds for thieves and killers.

No space for traitors. No ways to betray.

His worlds are Love and Light and Truth and Beauty.

You missed your lessons, now you go away!


Free Will He gave you, exercise your talents.

You have usurped them, twisting all to dark!

Again you missed to learn. Your Judgement cometh.

His Angels voices all above, you hark!…


It’s done! Your monster thoughts are burnt to ashes.

Great Celebrations fill His Grand Creation!

His Love Divine was birthing new His Children,

this Sacred Day of Our Liberation!!!




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