Hear the sound of trumpets?


Hear The Sound Of Trumpets?

September 28, 2021, 12:22


Hear the sound of Trumpets?

Hear the shout of Love?

Sleep you not, for the Times are all finished!

Freedom, Joy flood all Earth from above!…


Get you out from the walls of your houses!

Throw your covers and blankets away!

Wash your mind of all fears, and dare!!!

Gift of Freedom is here to stay!


Open hearts in full Love, in full passion!

Do, remember, you are sons of God!

Fetch your courage, see you as His Marvels!

You are born by His Holy Light Rod!


This New Day you are born by His Mercy.

Dark and darkness dissolved now, and gone!

Burst your hearts Love and Joy, shout loud,

Mighty Glorious Liberation is done!!!




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