Maybe, we never thought


Maybe, We Never Thought

September 29, 2021, 14:44


Maybe, we never thought,

we will witness such Greatness!

Small and innocent babes we all came…


For the Cycles be turning,

Universes revolving,

and create a New Era of fame!


Some of us feel unworthy,

some too modest to say,

it is we, all together as one,


Who kept fighting last battle,

with Light Swords, with last forces,

reach Great Victory, we thought never come!


Is this Greatest of Greatness,

the reward of the heroes,

giving all in this monstrous dark war,


For our children laugh happy,

live a life dignified,

joyful, free, pure Love to the core!…


Maybe, never we thought,

we will witness such Greatness,

lift mankind in dimensional Be,


Save all men from enslavement,

whole Earth from dark prison,

in the Glory of Being all Free!!!




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