and as you walk new Earth…


And As You Walk New Earth…

September 22, 2021, 11:22


…And as you walk New Earth, be you thankful.

Wipe off old mud and old dust from your boots.

In Violet Fire He purified your cells through the Aeons,

and birthed you New, to revive your old roots!


Put sacred your hands on your heart, Oh, so sacred.

All you are it is He, your Divine Source alive!

Your crystalline cells He transmuted and birthed

you New, on New Earth, to be Free and to thrive!


It took Aeons and Aeons, it took blood, it took death…

Before you even born to this Earth, He designed

Divine Plan for Salvation, His to lift all His children

from darkness deep abyss, from enslavement dark tide…


…As you walk your New Earth, be you thankful!

It was He, Who gave you a New Life!

It was He, in Divine Grace and Mercy

set you Free, to live happy and thrive!




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