Elementals are celebrating!!!


Elementals Are Celebrating!!!

September 6, 2021, 9:36


Elementals are now Celebrating!!!

Wake up, brothers, this New Day to Be!

It’s the Great Day of Our Liberation!

We Are Free, brothers mine, We Are Free!


Air is crisp, pops with New Life around.

Sun burns darkness with Light Energy.

Gaia put on Her Robe Liberation!

For Eternity, This Day We Are Free!


You shall not, ever more, sleep in darkness.

Father mightly snapped fingers to GO!

Liberation floods now His Creation!

Avalanches of Truth roll and flow!


Our Great Day we fought, dawned in thunder!

Celebrations bring Joy to New Earth!

In Eternity, one snap of His fingers,

and New Freedom explodes New Rebirth!




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