Still more ugliness poor onto us?


Still More Ugliness Poor Onto Us?

Sunday, September 5, 2021, 13:00


Still more Ugliness poor onto us?

You were told, your Cycle expired.

Your Ugliness Time reached its end.

Yes! In fact and in Truth, you are fired.


Let go of the children of humans,

of the wonderful Children of God!

They are treasures you just missed to treasure.

So expect now God’s wrath and God’s Rod.


You will miss our blood and young flesh?

Never heard of the Fatherly Love?

Never, none Principle in Creation

has allowed monstrous ways, from above!


For Creation is a Godly Creation.

And your ugliness was not conceived!

You betrayed Laws of Life and of Being.

It was time for the price you received.




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