It’s a new day


It’s A New Day

Sunday, August 22, 2021, 23:23


It’s a New Day, and you are still asleep!

It’s Freedom Day! And world is all on fire!

Huge celebrations start, hear brothers call,

we need us all to bury darkest mire!


It’s our New Day, and you are still asleep!

How long shall shouts call and shake you wake?

The dark has lost, their lies exposed to Light,

for Tide has turned, our world is free from snake!


It’s now, you finally need jump up and wake!

Freedom is New and needs Unite all heart!

We need you bring your power to the folk,

to start our life anew, our Freedom start!


It’s a New Day. It’s our Liberation!

Get up! Awake! To know what Freedom is!

We fought for eons, and we died in battles,

but now to Freedom wake all children His!




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