I can see now


I Can See Now

August 23, 2021, 11:11


I can see now

the Beauty of Thy children,

You sculpt and form and send to Flight Divine,


And how distorted,

chopped and twisted monsters,

they cut and changed all lovely children Thine…


I can see now

Thy Mighty LOVE in action,

in every butterfly and babe and bee,


Marvels and Wonders,

Miracles, and stunning

a Wondrous World, for children Thine to see…


I’d shake you wake!

Sound all trumpets thunder!

Huge drums I’d hit, to finally reach your ear,


To see, they made

a slave of you, a ‘chattel’,

hanging on monster strings of lack and fear!…


How can I show you?

Open eyes so loved,

see you’re in prison, kept in cage and hid,


You, Son of God,

you, Wonder of Creation,

chopped, butchered, twisted, since you born a kid?…




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