Just let it rain!


Just Let It Rain!

Sunday, August 22, 2021, 22:22


Just let it rain!!!… for we have all forgotten

we are of God!

That He born us to Being

through Fiery Rod!


Let inundate in waters

Creation all!

Till floods of rain full cover

Tiny Dot Ball!


Release from heads of mountains

Giant avalanche!

Dissolve, by Truth, all darkness

to snow, all blanche!


The Cosmos is prepared

for our Rebirth.

Awaken you, God’s children

of this whole Earth!


A New Life are we gifted

through wondrous Grace.

In Truth alone we’ll figure

His shiny Face!


Just let it rain! Let waters

flood all our Earth,

for Fiery Sun has birthed

our New Rebirth!




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