Deep Healing is a Miracle


Deep Healing Is A Miracle

April 13, 2021, 13:13


Deep Healing is a Miracle of God.

There is no hand, no master of His fame.

The monumental Times, these days we live,

need us all healed, to start reborn again.


You, man, you are the Crown of Creation.

Perfect you born, from just one sacred seed.

How wondrous, you do nothing, but grow daily,

from your born moment, luminous love deed!


His holiness is yours from that prime moment.

Light of His Sun carries you, your life long.

If only knew, how overwhelming loving,

He looks on you, your tiny human bond!…


You have been drained of your Life Force and power.

Trampled, your holiness, by monster boots!

It’s time to heal, you, poor Father’s child,

and find in Him your holy, sacred roots…


Remember! From His Light you have descended!

Remember! Love Is All There Is! That’s He!

Allow His loving hand to heal you, child,

for Time has come, you be Reborn and Free!…




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