Created you’ve been…

Universal Father for FREEDOMsRAY

Created You’ve Been…

April 14, 2021, 16:00


Created you’ve been in the Sound Divine of My Music.

From My Glorious Light you descend, one by one, from above.

All My Infinite Love from My Fatherly Heart is your Essence,

you, so blessed and so loved, Godly cherished, the child of My Love!…


There is nothing you lack, I gave you all abundance, in fullness!

You are perfect yourself, as a true son of God, from My hands!

When you’ll see to remember the One Who’s your Essence and Being,

Who has sculpted your genes, and wove DNA songs in your strands?


Up, My loved child! High Time now, you wake from your all too long slumber!

Part of Mine is your mind! You can turn mountains high into sands!

I trust you in your fists Sword of Light of My Warriors mighty,

and command you to save wondrous world from the monstrous dark hands!




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