The World has turned


The World Has Turned

Sunday, April 11, 2021, 11:11


The world has turned, this wondrous day of spring.

Say farewell to old imprisoned Earth.

Take all the force you can, to make the leap,

for this, new human, is your day of birth!…


Be wise, and listen how the winds all whisper.

The Sun has rays that tell of legends lost…

Air messengers give way to brighter movements,

with butterflies and birds enjoying most…


In Truth, our world has turned to her Ascension.

Are you of Light — or slave to mundane lies?

Awake! The Times of monstrous deeds are over.

In higher New Dimensions Gaia flies!


Surprised you’ll be, when Father’s Laws restored!

Surprised, when world will function in His Light!

In shock, when monster deeds will shake mankind!

Shout now your Freedom, signal your Free Flight!




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