You have betrayed the Father


You Have Betrayed The Father

April 9, 2021, 17:17


You have betrayed The Father.

You’re a created son,

like me and all our brothers.

But you betrayed and run.


Betrayal is not Godly.

All the worlds know this fact.

You disrupted the eons,

with this, yours, insane act.


Like an ape bragged your chest,

to replace your Creator.

Here alone is proof

of your silliness, raptor!


On Christ’s desk were drafts

of this wonderful planet.

You, bad and stupid thief,

you’ve stolen them and runeth…


Your proud rebel leader

is uncreated. Gone…

So you, robots, walk headless,

with your switches still on!…


In vain you try to kill us

and plot destroy us all.

You’d better hear Father’s

Grand Liberation call!




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